Protect your home and your family from harmful water

The quality of Texas drinking water may meet local standards, but it doesn’t meet ours. Poorly treated water can cause kidney and liver damage, dry your skin and hair, and damage your home. In-home water filtration systems from Axis Water Technologies keep your home clean and your family safe.

Get a Local Solution
With an Axis water system, you’ll get:

A healthier home

Once water has been filtered through our systems, it’s safe to drink and won’t harm your skin or hair

Peace of mind

Our systems remove harmful minerals that can damage your appliances and keep water from leaking into the walls and damaging your home.

Reliable service

Our commitment to service means you’ll never wait for a late service person and we won’t leave a job site until you’re satisfied.

Reduced carbon footprint

Not only are our products made responsibly, but they minimize water waste and eliminate the need for bottled water.

Do Business With Someone That’s Local
Axis Water Technologies is a local, family-owned business that uses the same water filtration systems we sell.

We want to help you protect your investment, and keep your home clean and your family safe.

Which is right for your home?
Do you want clean water from one faucet or the whole house?
Conventional faucet water can contain metals, including lead and iron, nitrates, chlorine and mineral salts. While technically safe, this water can cause kidney and liver damage over time. Axis Water drinking water systems deliver safe drinking water to your home and eliminate the need for bottled water.
Drinking Water
Whole Home
Whether your water is murky, smelly or damaging your dishware, Axis Water can provide a whole-home solution to ensure your water is safe to drink and won’t harm appliances. We’ll create a customized solution whether your water comes from a municipal supply or private well.
Once your in-home water systems are installed, Axis provides ongoing maintenance, including filter replacement and regular salt delivery for water softening systems, so your systems always run smoothly.


Getting Started is Super Easy

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Meet Your Specialist

Once you schedule an appointment we will assign a specialist to ensure you get the best product for your needs. We literally walk you through the process.
Get Clean Water
We believe you’re going to love your new water system. In fact, our systems are consistently rated the best.
We Think You’re Going to Love Clean Water
Unbelievable Service
Our technicians are on time or you get a 10% discount
We live and work in the same neighborhoods you do.
Unbeatable Products
Our products outperform the competition. Hands down.
The clear choice.
If foggy dishes, odd-tasting water, or dry skin and hair have you concerned about the quality of your water, schedule a free consultation to test your home’s water to make sure your water is up to the highest standards.